Let's start by spinning up an instance of Visual Studio Code. If Ionide extension is installed correctly, you should be able to create new F# project from Command Pallete (Ctrl+Shift+P).

  • Open Command Pallete and select F#: Refresh Project Templates to use the latest templates
  • Next, in Command Pallete trigger F#: New Project
  • Choose suave from available templates
  • Specify root directory for the project to be created
  • Name the project SuaveMusicStore
  • Wait for the project to be initialized - see note below

Note: To track the progress you can view Output pane (View -> Output) and select Forge from dropdown. The process should end with Done! message entry.

As we'll be using just a single project, I prefer to keep all my files, including *.fsproj and *.fs in root directory. Ionide command creates a directory for the project, so we'll need to move contents of that directory one level above:

> mv SuaveMusicStore/* .

As well as correct the relative path in SuaveMusicStore.fsproj:

    <Import Project=".paket\Paket.Restore.targets" />

Optionally remove the remaining empty directory:

> rmdir SuaveMusicStore

It's important to restrict paket.dependencies to the same .NET version that is specified in .fsproj file. Make sure TargetFramework node in .fsproj contains same .NET framework version as the one specified in paket.dependencies.

framework: >= net461

Next, let's pin versions of all dependencies, and apply binding redirects:

nuget FAKE 4.63.2
nuget FSharp.Core 4.2.3 redirects:force
nuget Suave 2.2.1

Note: we'll deliberately pin all dependency versions so that this tutorial doesn't get out of date when newer versions of Suave or other dependencies arrive. The binding redirects for FSharp.Core is a good practice when creating apps, and should prevent unwanted version compatiblity issues.

Invoke paket install to apply the changes:

> .\.paket\paket.exe install --create-new-binding-files

The flag at end will make sure to create app.config with bindings for you.

Upon creation of new project, we'll have already Paket and FAKE scripts integration for us to use. This means that we should be already able to build the project in command line:


> .\build.cmd

Mac / Linux

$ ./

Note: If you don't already have Dotnet SDK 2.0 installed, build command will do that for you - it can take a while.

Rename SuaveMusicStore.fs file to App.fs to make things simpler. Using Ionide and Visual Studio Code, you can do this with F# Project Explorer:

  • Trigger VS Code Reload Window from Command Prompt so that Ionide can refresh the .fsproj file move
  • View side bar
  • Navigate to F# Project Explorer
  • Right click the file
  • Select Rename file

Below link allows you to explore initial Git commit with generated project.

namespace Suave
module Successful

from Suave
module Web

from Suave
val startWebServer : config:SuaveConfig -> webpart:WebPart -> unit

Full name: Suave.Web.startWebServer
val defaultConfig : SuaveConfig

Full name: Suave.Web.defaultConfig
val OK : body:string -> WebPart

Full name: Suave.Successful.OK

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